David Campbell
President and Chief Executive Officer
David Campbell joined Evergy in January 2021 to lead the company and its focus on high performance and delivering reliable and affordable power to its 1.6 million customers in Kansas and Missouri. Campbell’s previous experience with Vistra Corp.’s
Kirkland Andrews
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
As executive vice president and chief financial officer for Evergy, Kirk Andrews has management responsibility for all corporate financial functions, including treasury, accounting, planning, tax, capital allocation, and investor relations. Mr.
Kevin Bryant
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
As executive vice president and chief operating officer for Evergy, Kevin Bryant has management responsibility for all utility operations, including generation operations and generation services, transmission operations, transmission and delivery
Greg Greenwood
Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer
As executive vice president and chief administrative officer, Greg Greenwood has management responsibility for corporate strategy, regulatory and supply chain. Mr. Greenwood served as senior vice president, strategy with Westar Energy from 2011 to
Chuck Caisley
Senior Vice President – Public Affairs and Chief Customer Officer
As senior vice president of marketing and public affairs, and chief customer officer, Chuck Caisley leads the energy solutions and public affairs areas with responsibility for the company's small-scale generation projects, energy products and
Lesley Elwell
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
As senior vice president and chief human resources officer, Lesley Elwell will lead Evergy’s human resources organization, with an emphasis on talent strategy, employee engagement, organizational development and performance management.
Heather Humphrey
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Heather Humphrey leads Evergy’s legal and compliance divisions with responsibility for all litigation, regulatory and corporate legal matters as well as compliance and audit functions. As interim chief people officer, Heather has management
Charles King
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
As vice president and chief information officer, Charles King leads all IT functions of Evergy spanning corporate and operations applications; network and data center infrastructure, physical and cyber security, company communications (microwave,
Bruce Akin
Vice President, Transmission and Distribution
As vice president, transmission and distribution, Bruce Akin leads transmission and distribution construction & maintenance, vegetation management, and system operations. Prior to the formation of Evergy, Mr.
John Bridson
Vice President, Generation
As vice president, generation, John Bridson leads a team overseeing more than 1600 megawatts of wind energy. Additionally, he oversees coal, gas and oil generation, renewable energy and generation reliability. Mr.
Steve Busser
Vice President, Risk Management and Controller
As vice president, risk management and controller, Steve Busser has a broad background in utility accounting, finance, enterprise risk management, regulatory and support services. Prior to joining KCP&L in September 2014, Mr.
Ellen Fairchild
Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer
As vice president, chief compliance officer, Ellen champions Evergy’s commitment to achieving a culture of ethics and compliance. She oversees the company-wide ethics and compliance program, including the programs and systems designed to prevent,
Darrin Ives
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
As vice president, regulatory affairs, Darrin Ives oversees the strategic development and administration of pricing, rates, rules and regulations, revenue requirements, tariff filings, and customer contracts at federal and Kansas and Missouri
Geoff Ley
Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis
As vice president, financial planning and analysis, Mr. Ley is responsible for budgeting, forecasting, benchmarking and analysis.   Mr. Ley previously served as vice president and chief financial officer at Hunt Refining Company from 2019-2021 where
Jeff Martin
Vice President, Customer & Community Operations
As vice president, customer and community operations, Jeff Martin leads commercial and industrial relations, economic development, and assists with community activities. Mr. Martin served as vice president, regulatory affairs with Westar Energy from
Cleve Reasoner
Vice President, Chief Nuclear Officer
As vice president and chief nuclear officer of Evergy, Inc. Cleve Reasoner has management responsibility of Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation (WCNOC), a subsidiary of the company, and is responsible for the safe operation of Wolf Creek
Lori Wright
Vice President, Corporate Planning, Investor Relations and Treasurer
As vice president, corporate planning, investor relations and treasurer, Ms. Wright is responsible for corporate finance, treasury, investor relations and corporate planning and budgeting. Since joining Great Plains Energy in 2001, Ms.
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